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  • 2016 Theme Announced: “Talk About Male Suicide”

    This year International Men’s Day, which is held on Saturday 19th November 2016,coincides with International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. To help the world mark these two Days, we are inviting men and women all over the UK to join us in adopting the official International Men’s Day Theme for 2016: “Talk About Male Suicide”. […]

  • Summary of International Men’s Day in the UK 2015

      While I know the other team members will soon be posting their reflections on International Men’s Day, it is useful to capture the main events, activities, articles and happenings in one place. Certainly, this is the year after many years of campaigning where International Men’s Day broke through at two levels. Firstly, it reached […]

  • Over 40 events, celebrations and happenings across the UK

    Over the past few weeks, today and in the next week or so, there are over 40 events, celebrations and happenings marking International Men’s Day. And probably many more we don’t know about (Please see the events list at the end) An historical debate in the House of Commons on male suicide, cmapaign meetings, letters to […]

  • International Men’s Day: Helping Men Talk About Being a Man

    International Men’s Day: Helping Men Talk About Being a Man   International Men’s Day on Thursday 19th November will provide a national platform to help men talk about men’s issues, say supporters.   The annual day aims to improve gender relations; focus on men’s health and wellbeing; promote male role models; celebrate the contributions men […]