10 Ways To Celebrate International Men’s Day 2015

Would you like to support International Men’s Day on Thursday 19th November 2015 but don’t know what to do? If so here’s 10 ways you can get involved with the day:

  1. Become a “clicktivist”

The suicide prevention charity, CALM UK, is launching a new social media campaign on International Men’s Day, to get more people talking about male suicide. So if you want to make a big difference with as little effort as possible, then why not join Tulisa, Jonny Benjamin and Mistajam and sign up to CALM’s #BiggerIssues campaign at www.biggerissues.co.uk.

  1. Support the Mo Bros

International Men’s Day lands right in the middle of the annual Movember campaign to “change the face of men’s health”. If you haven’t signed up to grow a mo this year, it’s probably too too late to start growing your whiskers now, but you’ve still got time to donate to the cause at the Movember website.

  1. Give to a men’s charity

If you’d rather give your money to one of the smaller charities helping men and boys, here are lots of good causes to consider. International Men’s Day’s list of men’s charities that would welcome a donation: A Band of Brothers, Survivors Manchester, The ManKind Initiative, 15 Square, Baggy Trousers, Abused Men In Scotland, Men Get Eating Disorders Too, Mankind Counselling, Families Need Fathers, FNF Cymru, FNF Scotland, Dads Rock,  CALM UK, the Men’s Health Forum and The Fatherhood Institute.

  1. Write to your MP

This year sees the first ever International Men’s Day debate taking place in parliament. If you care about men’s issues why not drop you MP a quick email asking them to get involved in the debate? You can find an example email at the International Men’s Day website.

  1. Thank a man in your life

Who’s the most important man in your life? Is it your dad? Is it another family member like a brother, cousin, uncle or grandfather? Or is it your best mate? Whoever it is why make a point of thanking him for the contribution he makes to your life?

  1. Stand up to the critics

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the person to make the following joke: “Isn’t every day International Men’s Day” and hit right back with “not to the 13 men a day who kill themselves everyday, show some compassion!”

  1. Annoy everyone you know with this International Men’s Day song

If you need a little light relief after earnestly supporting International Men’s Day, then you could take a few minutes to watch this crazy men’s day advert from India. It’s so catchy you’ll be singing the chorus from now through to International Women’s Day in March….”So not fair, so not fair, show men some love, so not fair!”

  1. Become a men’s rights activist

One of the regular features of International Men’s Day in recent years has been a protest by a small group of committed campaigners called Men Do Complain. The group raises awareness of medically unnecessary male circumcision, sometimes referred to as male genital. You can find out more about the issue at the Men Do Complain website.

  1. Take the day off work

Unfortunately it isn’t yet traditional for men to be given time off work on International Men’s Day, but someone’s got to lead the charge for the rest of us men. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a trendsetter, why not take declare International Men’s Day as your annual day of rest and take the day off work to do whatever manly pastime you love doing the most.

  1. Talk About Being A Man

If one day of man talk isn’t enough for you, don’t despair, the Southbank Centre has schedule its Being A Man festival to run the week after International Men’s Day this year. The festival explores the challenges of masculine identity in the 21st Century features David Baddiel, Jeremy Hardy, Frankie Boyle, Akala, Marlon James, Gemma Cairney and  Jason Isaacs and takes place on 27-29 November.