2017 theme

This year International Men’s Day, which is held on Sunday 19th November 2017.

International Men’s Day in the UK provides a fantastic opportunity for you to:

  • Highlight some serious issues effecting men and boys and their wellbeing
  • Make a difference to men and boys’ lives
  • Celebrate Britain’s men and boys in all their diversity
  • Have some serious fun

The UK themes for the Day are  “Making A Difference for Men and Boys” and “how we can give men and boys better life chances”.

 The theme is designed to help more people consider what action we can all take to “Make A Difference” and “Give men and boys better life chances” by addressing some of the issues that affect Men and Boys such as:

  • The high male suicide rate
  • The challenges faced by boys and men at all stages of education including attainment
  • Men’s health, shorter life expectancy and workplace deaths
  • The challenges faced by the most marginalised men and boys in society (for instance, homeless men, boys in care and the high rate of male deaths in custody)
  • Male victims of violence, including sexual violence
  • The challenges faced by men as parents, particularly new fathers and separated fathers
  • Male victims and survivors of sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, forced marriage, honour-based crime, stalking and slavery
  • The negative portrayal of men, boys and fathers

People and organisations do not have to stick to holding an event or celebration on 19 November if they want to mark the day, especially as it is Sunday this year!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual sending a card to man in your life you want to say ‘Thank You’ to, a small group having of men sharing a few beers or a big group of people putting on a great fundraising event, whatever you do this International Men’s Day, make sure you enjoy it.

And remember if you are holding an event, please tell us at contact@ukmensday.org.uk so we can list it on our events page and also send us your logo so you can become a supporter.

Please feel free to use the UK IMD logo (below) for all of your publicity material.

It’s your day to celebrate in the way you want to celebrate it.

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** In the UK, there is no official  or endorsed “International Men’s Day event or activity”. International Men’s Day is an inclusive platform for organisations and people to use to promote the International Men’s Day themes and issues.