International Men’s Day UK: Previous Years

The last few years, saw the celebration and marking of International Men’s Day in the UK reached new heights with over 800 events in 2022!

As well as dozens of organisations holding events and celebrations, there was much commentary in the media, blogs and elsewhere about the need to break down barriers that men and boys face as well as celebrating the contribution they make to our country, society and their families.

The reviews below set out:

  • who did what, when, how and why, and,
  • who said what and why

Explore the news section  and the list of  the previous  events to see in detail the type of events that were held.


International Men’s Day in 2023  – the best ever!

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved!


International Men’s Day in 2022 was a huge success once again!


International Men’s Day inthe UK took a huge leap forward with 400 organisations taking part.

  • Over 400 organisations were involved with activities spread right across the UK (double 2020)
  • Over 170,000 tweets in the UK  involving using #InternationalMensDay or #InternationalMensDay2021
  • Parliamentary Debate


International Men’s Day UK in 2020 was a great success. There were 195,000 tweets (the biggest trend in the UK for 14 hours) and the “hottest trend of the day” and over 200 events. There were hundreds and hundreds of brilliant charities, public services, businesses big/small, football clubs, politicians, entertainers, police, NHS and more – all sending out messages of support, to encourage men get in touch with them or get in touch with other supporting agencies. More information about 2020 can be found here.

The Prime Minister stated: “This International Men’s Day let us recognise and celebrate the incredible contribution  that men and boys make to our society – and make sure that they are not alone to suffer in silence.”


2019 saw more events then ever and importantly more corporates and government departments. There well were over 200 events again (it was hard to keep up). 2020 is expected to be the best year yet as more organisations recognise that a sign of an inclusive, fair and equal society means we have to support the wellbeing of men and boys – as well as women and girls.


The best year yet with over 200 events held across the UK including a huge number on the day itself. You can read a summary of all the brilliant events and activities here.


We had over 120 events across the whole country – the most anywhere in the world. On Twitter, #internationalmensday was the the most popular # in the UK over 48 hours – we had some great media articles, great events and so many heartwarming stories about men and boys  – the issues they face, the encouragement to seek help and the joy they bring (the tweets from mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, partners, girlfriends and female friends were particularly moving).


Over the month of November there were over 60 events and celebrations from a Parliamentary debate to community events, business events, student events, political events, conferences, film launches and exhibitions – the most anywhere in the world.


There were over 40 events and celebrations from community events and business events to student events and political events. There was also huge media and social media coverage including a debate in Parliament. You can see who did what last year here and view an overall summary of the Day here.


Over 25 organisations in the UK marked International Men’s Day in 2014. A full round up of events can be found here.


A media review can be found here and the three themes in 2013 were:

  • Tackling male suicide
  • Keeping men and boys safe to allow them to become tomorrow’s role models
  • End tolerance of violence towards men and boys
  • Boost men’s life expectancy by keeping men and boys safe from avoidable illness
  • Keeping men and boys safe by promoting fathers and male role models


What a great 2012 International Men’s Day UK

Happy 2012 International Men’s Day UK

Top Ten Issues on IMD UK 2012

Organisation in 2012 and Review

IMD UK – the seeds of a new movement (Guardian article by Ally Fogg)


A review of IMD UK in 2011

Charities call for equal treatment for men and boys

Mocking IMD shows why it is needed (Guardian article by Ally Fogg)

We hope they will be repeated this year and more and more organisations come on board and more people speak up for men and boys.