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  • International Men’s Day 2021 – Get Involved!

    International Men’s Day in the UK in 2020 was the best ever – over 200 events and huge support on social media! With your help 2021, can be even bigger! This year International Men’s Day is on Friday 19th November 2021 but many events are held all over November. There is plenty of information on […]

  • Thank You for a Great International Men’s Day 2020

    International Men’s Day UK in 2020 was a great success. Thank you all! 195,000 tweets (the biggest trend in the UK for 14 hours) and the “hottest trend of the day” c200 events Hundreds and hundreds of brilliant charities, public services, businesses big/small, football clubs, politicians, entertainers, police, NHS and more – all sending out […]

  • Happy International Men’s Day

    A happy International Men’s Day to all men and boys across the UK, and, to all those wonderful women and girls who support them. Three Key Themes for International Men’s Day in the UK are: Making a positive difference to the wellbeing and lives of men and boys Raising awareness and/or funds for charities supporting men and […]

  • UK marks International Men’s Day with over 200 ways to get involved

    Events List: Organisation List: UK marks International Men’s Day with over 200 ways to get involved and support men and boys’ wellbeing In 2020, up and down the UK, men, women and organisations have made International Men’s Day in this country another great event, with the likelihood of a larger  number and wider […]

  • Huge Number of Organisations Supporting International Men’s Day

    There are now a huge number of ways to get involved in International Men’s Day including with  events being organised for International Men’s Day by employers by employers and public bodies – often for their staff. There are lots of well known names, organisations, charities, universities/colleges and arts groups all taking part. The list below […]

  • 2020 Poster for International Men’s Day in the UK

    A few organisations have asked about a 2020 poster for International Men’s Day in the UK. On that basis, we have produced one below. There is a PDF and JPEG version. A higher res JPEG version is due soon. To access the posters, please go to our Contact and Logo Page

  • Events for 2020!

    More events are being added all the time. Follow the list on our events page. Plus we know many employers, public bodies, charities and others are holding events. Here is the latest list in addition to those on the events page. Keep your eyes peeled on the events page, Twitter and follow #InternationalMensDay

  • International Men’s Day 2020 – Get Involved!

    International Men’s Day in the UK in 2019 was the best ever – over 200 events, conferences, parliamentary debates, fundraisers, comedy – a mix of seriousness, celebration and fun. Why should be 2020 be any different – bar being bigger! As you can see throughout the website, this year International Men’s Day, which is held […]

  • Three themes for International Men’s Day UK 2020

    Many organisations and people want to know what they can do to support International Men’s Day in the UK. To help, the Men and Boys Coalition charity that oversees the platform in the UK set out the three key themes which can be used to steer the direction or type of activity. The three core […]

  • Have a Great International Women’s Day 2020

     IN keeping with our gender inclusive outlook  – all of us at International Men’s Day UK  – want  to encourage men and women to use International Women’s Day to support causes that support women and girls. This is in exactly the same way that so many women and men in the UK support International Men’s […]