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  • Happy International Men’s Day!

    Follow #internationalmensday and @ukmensday on Twitter In 2019, up and down the UK, men, women and organisations have made International Men’s Day in this country another great event with huge support from employers, public bodies, universities, charities, government and many many more. There are c200 organisations marking the Day this year when there was […]

  • Huge support in the UK for International Men’s Day in 2019!

    Once again, in 2019, up and down the UK, men, women and organisations have made International Men’s Day (Tuesday 19th November) in this country another great event with the best ever support from employers and public bodies. See the events list: and charities There are conferences, community events, health days, business events, debates, […]

  • Large Numbers of Events for International Men’s Day in 2019

    With just over a week to go, there are a huge number of International Men’s Day events that have been organised and lots of companies, universities, schools and public sector organisations are taking part. Remember to check out our events page on and follow #internationalmensday on Twitter!

  • International Men’s Day 2019 – Get Involved!

    International Men’s Day in the UK in 2018 was the best ever – over 200 events, conferences, parliamentary debates, fundraisers, comedy – a mix of seriousness, celebration and fun. Why should be 2019 be any different – bar being bigger! As you can see throughout the website, this year International Men’s Day, which is held […]

  • Have a Great International Women’s Day in 2019

    In keeping with our gender inclusive outlook  – all of us at International Men’s Day UK  – want  to encourage men and women to use International Women’s Day to support causes that support women and girls. This is in exactly the same way that so many women and men in the UK support International Men’s […]

  • Media Coverage of International Men’s Day 2018

    There is plenty of media coverage and more will happen as the day goes on. Here is the list so far: Great video on ITV: Good Morning Britain: Daily Telegraph: International Men’s Day used to be treated as a joke – now it is taken seriously Daily Telegraph: The shocking statistics everyone needs to […]