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  • Historic groundswell of support for International Men’s Day

      Historic groundswell of support for International Men’s Day — a national platform for making a difference to men and boys   “Not every day in International Men’s Day” meme card campaign launched tomorrow:   This year sees the greatest ever recognition of International Men’s Day in the UK, with 60 events, campaigns and […]

  • “Not every day is International Men’s Day” meme cards published

    If there’s one phrase International Men’s Day supporters can expect to hear every year, it is the retort: “But isn’t everyday International Men’s Day?” To mark International Men’s Day in the UK, the newly launched Men and Boys Coalition  produced a series of hard-hitting fact cards to share on social media that spell out both […]

  • International Men’s Day team launch Men and Boys Coalition

    By Glen Poole, UK Co-ordinator, International Men’s Day Today, the International Men’s Day team (IMD UK) is proud to be joining forces with more than 50 of the UK’s leading charities, academics, journalists and campaigners to form the UK’s largest ever coalition dedicated to addressing men’s issues. The Men and Boys Coalition brings together organisations […]

  • Over 50 events marking International Men’s Day in the UK…so far

    With under a week to go to International Men’s Day, there are over 50 events, Parliamentary debates, new organisation and service launches, exhibitions, education classes, health events, staff events, plays, fundraisers, prayer meetings, marches, film screenings  – all taking place across the UK. These include events in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – run by […]

  • House of Commons to host historic International Men’s Day Debate

      House of Commons to host historic International Men’s Day Debate – week after Prime Ministerial endorsement “A historic and landmark moment” The first ever Parliamentary debate1 on the floor of the House of Commons chamber for International Men’s Day (19 November) will take place on Thursday 17 November 2016. This follows the first ever […]

  • International Men’s Day is for everyone

    This month it’s International Men’s Day. Some people will tell you that everyday is International Men’s Day, but it isn’t, writes Glen Poole. International Men’s Day happens on 19th November and it’s a day for everyone to get involved and take part in a national conversation about men, masculinity and manhood. The International Men’s Day […]

  • Is International Men’s Day about Men’s Rights or Men’s Issues?

    Every year on International Men’s Day (IMD) the topic of “men’s rights” arises in the public debate writes Glen Poole, Co-ordinator for IMD UK.  Last year, for example, when the University of York withdrew plans to mark International Men’s Day, after facing opposition from women’s rights activists, some students complained that this sent out a […]