Come and spill the beans at free London IMD event

Men spill the beans on their personal, quirky and relationship experiences at a free London storytelling event for International Men’s Day

Men will be invited to share their stories to a mixed audience, dispelling the myth that men don’t speak, at a special event in London on 19 November 2013 to mark the 13th annual International Men’s Day.

Organised by MENSPEAK Men’s Groups and Men Beyond 50, this free event will provide insight into the hearts and minds of men, challenging gender stereotypes as we explore the shadow of man kind.

  • More than one in three young men would rather ‘smash something up’ than talk  about their feelings. (Samaritans 2009)
  • 67% of suicidal young men say they have nowhere to turn for emotional help. (MIND)
  • Suicide is the most common cause of death among men under 35. (Mental Health Org)
  • Half of all British men claim to be held back in their love lives by a lack of confidence, making them the least confident men in Europe. (The Guardian)
  • 400,000 families were headed by lone fathers in 2012, representing 13.5% of all single-parent households in the UK. (Office for National Statistics)
  • Approximately 4 million men are affected every year by domestic violence. Every third victim of Domestic Violence is a man. (National Centre for Domestic Violence)
  • 190,000 men over 75 live in serious isolation in Britain. More than half of those men admitted, to having feelings of depression, three quarters had never sought any form of help. (Office for National Statistics)
  • 67% of British people who consume alcohol at ‘hazardous’ levels, and 80% of those dependent on alcohol are male. (Mental Health Org)
  • The highest rates of suicide in the UK are among people aged over 75. Over 1,000 men over 50 end their own lives every year in England and Wales. (Mental Health Org)

Kenny D’Cruz, founder of MENSPEAK Men’s Groups and partner of Men Beyond 50, states: “I’ve been running men’s groups in London for thirteen years and in my experience men want to share who they are and learn from the successes and failures of other men. At 49 I don’t like the prospect of turning into an older man where I might be typically labeled as a lazy, secretive, disconnected, grumpy old codger, so I’ve decided to do what I can to give men a space to hang out, get real and be heard.”
Max regularly attends both men’s groups and says: “What I love about these types of events is that they have allowed me to share my own story, in a safe and honest way that has brought real change and invaluable support into my life”.


The event is an open space for men to share and women to listen, learn and appreciate the many faces of men.



Notes to Editors

Venue: Men’s Sheds, The Sundial Centre, Shipton Street, Hoxton, London E2 7RU.
Time: 6:45pm for a 7:30 start. Ends 9.30pm.
Cost: Free. Light refreshments and venue generously supplied by Men’s Sheds UK. (BYO).

MENSPEAK and Men Beyond 50 (part of the Conscious Ageing Trust Charity) both hold regular men’s groups in the UK, for men who want a safe and confidential environment to share what’s real to them, exploring any aspect of life that they want to improve.

Men’s Sheds UK was launched on 6th November 2013 as a network of independent spaces where men come together to share skills, tools and resources in a safe and inclusive environment. It is a place of leisure where Men congregate to work and share good company.

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