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Employer Guide for International Men’s Day

Employer Guide for International Men’s Day (2021)

International Men’s Day in the UK (Friday 19 November) has grown in popularity over the
past decade with employers and organisations using it as a reason to hold wellbeing events
and activities for male members of staff in all their diversity. There were around 200 UK
events in 2020 (despite the pandemic) and this has grown from about ten at the start of the
last decade.

A list of the organisations who took part in 2020 are listed on this organisation page and these
include big names such as the UK Civil Service, Armed Forces, Legal and General, Royal Bank of
Scotland, Next, Lloyds Bank, Boots, Holland and Barrett, Standard Chartered, PWC and many

Many also use it to support charities in the men and boys’ wellbeing sphere and others also
use it for PR purposes too.

It is a very inclusive event so this is a platform that encourages women and girls to also take
part and does not seek to create a competition with the wellbeing challenges that they face.

Often the employee events and campaigns are organised by HR departments, EDI leads, CSR
managers, internal welfare staff groups/committees and employer fundraising teams.

This short guide therefore sets out some ideas for those involved in these roles, to help more
employers to take part and to ultimately provide more wellbeing support to male members of
staff. And of course, the better the wellbeing of male employees, the better the wellbeing of
female employees and the organisation as a whole.

If you require further information, please contact me via contact@ukmensday. org.uk or
07834 452357.

There is also plenty of information on our website (www.ukmensday.org.uk)
and we are on Twitter (@ukmensday) and Facebook too. This has been produced by the Men and Boys Coalition.

If you do choose to hold an event, please let us know as well, we would love to mention it.

Good luck and thank you for your support.

Mark Brooks OBE
National Ambassador
International Men’s Day UK Team