How #InternationalMensDay broke the internet in 2017

International Men’s Day “broke the internet” in 2017, with the UK leading the online conversation in the English-speaking world.

The day, which is marked on 19th November in more than 70 countries worldwide, was the number one topic on twitter for two days running in the UK.

Worldwide conversations tagged #InternationalMensDay had a potential reach of nearly 200 Billion, according to analysis by the social media analytics and monitoring platform, talkwalker.

The top five tweets focused on a range of subjects including men’s physical and mental health, modern masculinity and the diverse roles that men can play.

The three most popular tweets came from UK millennials, sparking online conversations about the breaking the stigma around men’s mental health issues; the need to address issues that disproportionately affect men and the importance of valuing men of all backgrounds and identities.

The majority of the #InternationalMensDay conversation took place in the United Kingdom and the United States, which accounted for two out of every three mentions. India, Canada and Ireland also embraced the conversation with Australia and New Zealand playing a smaller role this year.

How much conversation was their online?

This year, in the seven day period around International Men’s Day, there were more than 400,000 social media posts containing the hashtag #InternationalMensDay.

There were 1.4 million engagements (likes, retweets etc.) on social media giving the #InternationalMensDay conversation a potential reach of nearly 200 Billion impressions.

The majority of people taking part in the conversation were male (55.5%) though a significant minority were female (45.5%).

A closer look at the UK conversation

In the UK there were over 600K engagements (likes, retweets etc.) on social media giving the #InternationalMensDay conversation a potential reach of more than 100 Million impressions.

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