International Men’s Day 2023: Get Involved!

International Men’s Day in the UK this year is looking like the best ever. You can still get involved!

We estimate that once again 600 organisations are taking part.

There have already been great events this week with more to come at the weekend and the week after. Many are online so anyone can join (please use our events page or just search on Twitter/X, Facebook, Eventbrite, Google or LinkedIn).

Social media traffic is already very high and please get involved by using the #internationalmensday – please create your own messages, content and of course, repost/share/retweet other posts too. Please also follow us on social media too (Twitter  @ukmensday,  Facebook and LinkedIn)

Feel free to use our images too!

Those taking part include leading brands, through to public sector bodies, charities, universities, schools, colleges, theatre groups, sports clubs, companies, care homes and Parliament (Debate on 21 November). There is also an episode of Loose Men (instead of Loose Women) again on ITV (17 November).

International Men’s Day is for men and it is also for women too – it is for everyone  – to show support for men and boys in our lives, workplaces and communities

Whatever and however you do it , please do get involved!!!

Thank you from the International Men’s Day Team

Ally, Ben, Caroline, Dan, Duncan, Geoffrey, Glen, Lubna, Mark, Maz, Sonia and Yousif