Happy International Men’s Day 2022 – Get Involved!


Happy International Men’s Day to all men and boys across the UK, and, to all those wonderful women and girls who support them. Come and Join In!


Today marks International Men’s in the UK, the event that gives everyone the chance to

  • Make a positive difference to the wellbeing and lives of men and boys
  • Raise awareness and/or funds for charities supporting men and boys’ wellbeing
  • Promote a positive conversation about men, manhood and masculinity

There are lots of ways to get involved:

 Social Media 

Please search for and use #internationalmensday on social media.

You’ll see thousands of messages – please share, repost, retweet and/or add yours too.

Our Twitter name is @Ukmensday and Facebook is  https://www.facebook.com/InternationalMensDayUk

We always love posts from women about the support, importance and happiness that men and boys bring to their lives.

Events – Sign Up, Dial In, Get Involved

There are 400 organisations involved and there are a range of great event many online and free. Check out the Events Page to see what is available: https://ukmensday.org.uk/events/list/

There are community events, mental health discussions, award announcements, student events, charity promotion campaigns, political events, lectures, conferences, staff support days, plays, film showings, comedy nights, get-togethers and fundraisers.

There are plenty next week too.

Join and/or support a men and boys charity

There are a growing number of brilliant charities that support men and boys. Many would welcome donations, volunteers, fundraising, new members or simply just to help make people aware of what they do.

There is a list here: https://ukmensday.org.uk/supporters/

Get help!

If you are man who is struggling and needs help – there are some great organisations out there for you – they’ll listen, they’ll understand, they’ll help. Remember you are not alone. Here is a list:

Helplines: https://ukmensday.org.uk/gethelp/

Full list of charities and organisations: https://ukmensday.org.uk/supporters/

Signpost boys and men to help

If you know a boy or man who is struggling, let them know you are there for them.

 Please signpost men and boys to charities and organisations that can help them – here are some helplines here:

Helplines: https://ukmensday.org.uk/gethelp/

Full list of charities and organisations: https://ukmensday.org.uk/supporters/

Tell a man or boy you know – how much they matter

No need to make a fuss (you can if you want though), but tell your dad, son, brother, mate, work colleague, neighbour how much they matter. A simple message is all it takes and please feel free to use social media!

 Get involved on social media

There are great social media platforms and use #internationalmensday – please share any thoughts, share/retweet and promote others!

Post a Video

It would be great that any alongside powerful and heartfelt messages, if any wonderful women could post short videos to Facebook and/or Twitter (with the #InternationalMensDay) on the lines of (feel free to do whatever is comfortable):

  1. Who the most important men are or have been in their lives and why
  2. Why it is important that we look after the wellbeing of men and boys

That is it. Please feel free to use tag in @ukmensday if you want but the important hashtag is #InternationalMensDay

 However you choose to support International Men’s Day, a big thank you from the whole UK Team!

Happy International Men’s Day