The House of Commons Library has a briefing packed with statistics about the wellbeing of men and boys as part of the House of Commons’ International Men’s Day debate in 2020.

Ten Key Facts about Men and Boys’ Wellbeing in the UK

(1) Prostate Cancer

On average, c11,900 men die from prostate cancer every year (2016-2018 average). This is 32 per day, one every 45 minutes) – the most recent figures available. Up from 11,307 in 2014

(2) Suicide

In 2019 , 4728 across the UK took their own lives (with (3,996 in England and Wales / 575 in Scotland / 157 in Northern Ireland)   – this equates to 13 per day in the UK. In England and Wales this is a rate of 15.4 per 100,000, the highest rate since 2013. Men make up three in every four suicides.

(3) Covid-19

Covid mortality rates for working age men are 31 deaths per 100,000 compared with equivalent female death rates of 17 per 100,000, respectively

(4) University Entry

In September 2021: 186,700 (UK domiciled) men and 261,370  women were placed at university (40% more women go to university). For 18 year olds, 118,320 men (UK domiciled) and 154,290 women went to university (30% difference). 

(5) GCSEs

By 2019, boys have had worse exam results than girls for 30 years. 

In 2021, 68.1% of boys received Grade 1-4 (A* to C) GCSE grades in English compared to 80.1% of girls. 68.7% of boys achieved Grade C/4 in Maths as did 70.0% girls (until 2020, boys scored more highly than girls). Joint Council

(6) Exclusions

Boys continue to have more than three times the number of permanent exclusions than girls, with 3,900 exclusions, at a rate of 0.09, compared to 1,200 for girls (0.02).

(7) Rough Sleeping

Of the 2,688 individuals estimated to be sleeping rough on a single night in England in 2020, a total of
2,277 were male and 377 were female. Men make up 85% of rough sleepers. 

(8) Prison

There are around 79,164 people in prison, 96% of whom are male.

(9) Domestic Abuse

In 2019/20 – 757,000 men (1.56 million women) suffered from Domestic Abuse – one in three victims are male.

(10) Sexual Violence/Abuse

143,000 men were estimated to have been victims of sexual assault in 2017/18 (561,000 women). 12,000 men were raped or victims of attempted rape (95,000 women). ONS