Key Facts

The House of Commons Library has a briefing packed with statistics about the wellbeing of men and boys as part of the House of Commons’ International Men’s Day debate in 2020.

Ten Key Facts about Men and Boys’ Wellbeing in the UK

(1) Prostate Cancer

12,031 men died from prostate cancer in 2017 (33 per day, over one per hour) – the most recent figures available. Up from 11,307 in 2014

(2) Suicide

In 2018 with 4,903 men took their own lives (13 per day) in the UK at a rate of 17.2 per 100,000, the highest rate since 2013. Men make up three in every four suicides.

(3) Covid-19

18,671 men (from 30,742 deaths overall in England) have lost their lives due to Covid-19 up until 14 October 2020. They make up 61% of all deaths (for every ten Covid-19 deaths, six will be male)

(4) University Entry

In the 2018 Cycle, 196,105 men/boys domiciled in the UK accepted places at university, compared to 263,180 women/girls — a gap of 67,075 and 35%. In 2018, for 17 to 30-year-old English students domiciled who participated in Higher Education, there was a gap of over 30,000. Men: 150,085 (44.1%) and Women: 183,325 (56.6%) (2018).

(5) GCSEs

In 2019, boys have had worse exam results than girls for 30 years. Girls are now 14 per cent more likely than boys to pass their exams in English and maths, with 64 per cent of girls doing so compared to 56 per cent of boys.

In 2019, 62.9% of males received Grade 1-4 (A* to C) GCSE grades whilst 71.7% of women received the same results. Only 54.2% of 16-year-old boys achieved a Grade C/4 English Language GCSE compared to 70.5% girls. 59.9% of boys achieved Grade C/4 in Maths as did 59.2% girls. Joint Council

(6) Exclusions

Boys have more than three times the number of permanent exclusions, with 6,000 permanent exclusions, at a rate of 0.14 compared to 1,900 for girls in 2018/19 (0.05).

(7) Rough Sleeping

85% of those who slept rough in 2019 are male (where gender known)

(8) Prison

There are around 79,164 people in prison, 96% of whom are male.

(9) Domestic Abuse

In 2018/19 – 786,000 men (1.6 million women) suffered from Domestic Abuse – one in three victims are male.

(10) Sexual Violence/Abuse

140,000 men were estimated to have been victims of sexual assault in 2017/18 (560,000 women). 12,000 men were raped or victims of attempted rape in 2017/18.