International Men’s Day in the UK – Media Round Up

Glen will be over the next few days posting his reflection on yesterday’s International Men’s Day and we will also be asking organisations that took part to summarise what they did and how well it went.

In the meantime, below is a collation and summary of the articles we had in the media about the day which was brilliant and far exceeded what we have had in the past. It means IMD is becoming mainstream in the UK.

And while some supporters may take umbrage at some of the negativity  as some were dismissive – please remember many were very positive and also as the great Oscar Wilde, said: ““If there is anything more annoying in the world than having people talk about you, it is certainly having no one talk about you.”

As well as the articles, they sparked many a debate on the pages and over the next week or so, we will also pick out the best quotes

Enjoy (and let us know at if we have missed any).


The Guardian: Should there be an International Men’s Day? by Glen Poole and Oscar Rickett

Debate on is this day a frightened reaction to an upturn in women’s fortunes or a vital initiative to help improve the lives of men and boys?

Daily Telegraph: Do we need an International Men’s Day by Glen Poole

The Independent: Male victims of rape, sexual abuse and depression: Breaking the silence on International Men’s Day by Ally Fogg

“Those who mock today are mocking victims of a viciously gendered society.” Very powerful piece on why it is about those men who need help, not those who do not.

BBC Radio Stoke: Glen Poole (5 minutes in)

 Huffington Post: International Men’s Day and My Struggles With Body Image by Steve Rose

Negative (including satirical)*

The Guardian: The feminist principles behind International Men’s day by Jane Martinson

While Jane says she supports International Men’s Day in principle, it is on the basis that it women still suffer more discrimination and inequality as a group – rather than looking at the issue that some women have problems and so do some men. Ally Fogg’s article is a great riposte.

The Metro: Why we should definitely celebrate International Men’s Day

More of a pxxxtake, especially if you reverse the genders!

Daily Mirror: The Alpha Men: Five fellas you should aspire to be

As the Metro  – would you get an article like this on IWD?

Daily Telegraph: International Men’s Day is a touch ironic, isn’t it chaps? by Ava Vidal

 “I do believe that the reasons surrounding these problems [on IMD] that are being highlighted are due to the patriarchal society that we live in.”

Daily Telegraph: 9 incredibly manly, masculine, non-girlie-man ways to spend International Men’s Day by Tim Stanley

The Daily Mirror: Blokes already dominate the other 364 days of the year – but women SHOULD support International Men’s Day

Female First: Sex on IMD by Lucy Walton

Would there be a sex on IWD article?

 The Feminist Times: What about my man day?

*some may say that the satirical articles should not be negative as that is being po faced, but when set alongside the subject matter and why IMD is a serious day (albeit you can have fun celebrating it)