Men Do Complain’s IMD Report

Report from Richard Duncker  from Men Do Complain

Men Do Complain was present on 19th November in Parliament Square to raise the issue of the failure to provide the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine for boys.

The HPV jab is routinely given to girls but boys and men (particularly gay men) are prone to the same cancers that can occur in girls. Girls and boys both carry the virus, so reducing the prevalence of the virus in the population as a whole is a sound long term investment.

We were photographed by a freelancer, whether he will place the photos we don’t know. We certainly gathered some attention, leaflets were handed out, though many of our passers by were tourists!

One Australian was surprised to learn that the NHS did not vaccinate both sexes, it seems Australia is ahead of the UK in this regard, we won’t mention cricket! Join Men Do Complain next year, 19th November, to break the silence about the harm done to boys and men by non-therapeutic genital cutting.