Mindfulness for Men Course on International Men’s Day in Tonbridge

Liz Almond is an enthusiastic tutor of adults and a practitioner in the field of holistic health. She has a PGCE, is a Reiki Master, and is a Certificated Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming among many other skills including using social networks for business.

On International Men’s D
ay she will be running a course in the Tonbridge (Kent) Adult Education Centre.

“Mindfulness practice and what is sometimes called Self Compassion begin with learning the techniques and skills that enable us to live in the moment without the burden of the past and anxiety about the future. Men in particular can find the process of self discovery and self compassion difficult and so this short session will allow them to begin a longer process of finding inner peace and a better self-image.”
“It will teach some of the principle techniques for meditation and for self-discovery. It will provide each student with their personal experience of compassion which nurtures ourselves with the same kindness and caring that we would show to good friends, or even to a stranger.”