Post a Video to support Men and Boys

Over the years, the biggest supporters for International Men’s Day are often women and girls posting Facebook or Twitter messages about the inspirational men and boys in their lives. Our favourite one recently was:

“I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful men in my life  I am so grateful for all the love and happiness my fiancé, dad, papa and brother bring to my life. They all give me so much support and I treasure each moment we have together” Danielle , Scotland

On Thursday 19 November, it would be great that any alongside powerful and heartfelt messages, if any wonderful women could post short videos to Facebook and/or Twitter (with the #InternationalMensDay) on the lines of (feel free to do whatever is comfortable):

  1. Who the most important men are or have been in their lives and why
  2. Why it is important that we look after the wellbeing of men and boys

That is it. Please feel free to use tag in @ukmensday if you want but the important hashtag is #InternationalMensDay

Thank you for your support.

The International Men’s Day Team