Rolling List of Organisations Supporting International Men’s Day UK

Organisations Supporting International Men’s Day 2022

There are now a huge number of ways to get involved in International Men’s Day including events being run for International Men’s Day.

There are lots of well-known names, organisations, charities, universities/colleges and arts groups all taking part. The list below sets out those organisations who are taking part so far (that we know of!) – lots of really inspirational ideas. We have 250 below of the estimated 600.

This page will be updated as International Men’s Day.

    1. Scottish Civic Trust (webinar)
    2. National Men and Boys Awards
    3. Men and Boys Coalition (annual conference)
    4. All Party Parliamentary Group on Men and Boys (see above)
    5. Football.Fatherhood (see above)
    6. Men’s Health Unlocked (see above)
    7. Survivors Manchester (see above)
    8. Boxing Futures (see above)
    9. ManKind Initiative (annual domestic abuse conference)
    10. The Chesnut Appeal for Men’s Health (support)
    11. IP Inclusive (webinar)
    12. Jonathan’s Voice (webinar)
    13. University of Glasgow (Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory)
    14. The Green School for Boys (assembly)
    15. Inclusive Employers (webinar)
    16. PEGS (support)
    17. Notorious Big Energy (fundraiser)
    18. Essex Police Men’s Forum (speakers on range of issues)
    19. Essex County Fire and Rescue Services
    20. BlueLight MIND (see above)
    21. Lads Need Dads (see above)
    22. John Sutherland (former Police Officer of 25+ years and now acclaimed author)
    23. Dean’s of Huntly shortbread (sponsoring Scottish Men’s Sheds Awards)
    24. Scottish Men’s Sheds (awards for Scottish Men’s Shed of the Year)
    25. Token Man (event on men as changemakers)
    26. Hobbs Consultancy (event on masculinity on the workplace)
    27. Everyday Sexism (see above)
    28. KP Snacks (see above)
    29. University of Chester (their Men’s Network conference).
    30. Wilderness Tribe (see above)
    31. Health Assured (see above)
    32. Lutterworth Athletic FC (fundraising event)
    33. Survivors West Yorkshire (publicity campaign for their services)
    34. Ben’s Place (see above)
    35. Havi (Awareness raising event for staff)
    36. Weaver Vale Housing Trust (employee event)
    37. Department for Work and Pensions (employee event)
    38. HMRC (employee events)
    39. Baringa (employee event)
    40. Saputo Dairy UK (employee event)
    41. At the Core (fitness event with Boxer Johnny Nelson)
    42. Johnny Nelson
    43. StartUp Croydon
    44. Duffus Foundation
    45. Enterprise SBOX
    46. Champion Speakers Agency (speakers)
    47. Great British Talent Agency (speakers)
    48. Diversity and Inclusion Agency (speakers)
    49. Robin Cancer Trust (World record attempt)
    50. University of Essex (see above)
    51. Oaks Hospital (see above)
    52. West Northamptonshire Council (Awards for positive male role models)
    53. Dadzclub (Appreciation awards)
    54. Portsmouth International Men’s Day Events (Appreciation awards)
    55. Belfast Men’s Heath Group (Top Gun Maverick film showing)
    56. Wolfson College Cambridge (quiz)
    57. Defence Women’s Network (10 events)
    58. Ministry of Justice (employee conference in Leeds)
    59. John Lewis Partnership (men’s health feature on staff magazine)
    60. Tesco (display in North wales store)
    61. South West Londoner (men’s mental health feature)
    62. JobCentre Plus (display in King’s Heath JobCentre)
    63. Kark Storz Endoscopy (men’s health resources for staff)
    64. NHS England – Midlands (staff event)
    65. Hull Seahawks (signposting for fans)
    66. ` English Football League (promoting to fans)
    67. Bright Stat Hub (staff event)
    68. RAF Marham (poster)
    69. Dover Fuelling Solutions (postcard to male staff)
    70. Yeovil College (male students and mental health)
    71. Empower Up International (local talk)
    72. Queen’s Park Rangers (message to fans)
    73. Catalent Pharma Solutions (staff event)
    74. Slade Band Woods (community event)
    75. Abington Medical Centre (local campaign)
    76. Hillingdon Council (community event)
    77. Swindon AFC (message to fans)
    78. The Thetford Academy (assembly and week-long focus)
    79.  Inspiration Trust (assembly and week-long focus)
    80. RNN College Group (Talks for students)
    81. Scottish Young Lawyers Association (mental health taster session)
    82. Forrest Training (see above)
    83. Fylde Coast (Being a Man 2022 campaign)
    84. The Washington Group (toolkit for the above campaign)
    85. Barchester – The Fernes care home (supporting their men in care)
    86. Peppy Health (men‘s health support toolkit)
    87. Inclusive Employers (men’s health webinar)
    88. We are the City (men’s mental health)
    89. Stagecoach (managing director speaking at the above)
    90. CHS South school (careers event for boys)
    91. Devitt Insurance (Great Devitt Bake-off fundraiser)
    92. James’ Place (see above)
    93. Dorset Mind (mental health conference)
    94. Lighthouse Arts centre – Poole (see above)
    95. Bournemouth Athletic Football Club (see above)
    96. Trethowans (see above)
    97. Revival Kent – East Kent Mind (mental health event)
    98. Twinkl (International Men’s Day colouring cards)
    99. Lavender Oaks care home (bistro for their gentleman’s club)
    100. Magic Lantern Cinema (comedy night with Richard Stamp)
    101. Marsh Farm Futures (speaker and support group event)
    102. Simply Deez Events (see above)
    103. Man Down Project (conference)
    104. Men for Inclusion (conference)
    105. Women of the Wharf (see above)
    106. Experian (see above)
    107. Cassandra Centre, Brixton (conference)
    108. Hillingdon Council (conference)
    109. At the Core Primrose Hill (fitness event)
    110. UWE Bristol (research showcase)
    111. Josh (Fire ceremony and fundraiser for Menscraft)
    112. Men of Stroud (celebration of role of men)
    113. Essex Police and Fire Commissioner (conference)
    114. Pique Niche Productions (four plays on men’s mental health)
    115. University of Plymouth (working parents event)
    116. Bruntwood SciTech (lunch club on male mental health)
    117. Blackdog Outdoors(mental health walk in Peak District)
    118. Kinder Scouts (see above)
    119. Education and Youth Service– Coleraine (conference)
    120. Cardiff Law Society (mental health conference)
    121. LawCare (see above)
    122. Better Men (see above)
    123. Healthfield Community College (school assembly)
    124. NatWest Bank (Two weeks of events)
    125. Educating Matters (modern families discussion)
    126. ASIS UK (mental health conference)
    127. Mitie Landscapes (employee conference)
    128. Chap Chaps (see above)
    129. Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (suicide prevention film)
    130. Newcastle University Geography Society (mental health awareness afternoon)
    131. House of Commons (International Men’s Day Debate)
    132. HMRC Wales (employee conference on ,ale wellbeing)
    133. AndysManClub (see above)
    134. Dyn Project (see above)
    135. Good Egg Safety (see above)
    136. Edinburgh Mankind Project (community event)
    137. Linlithgow Community development trust (see above)
    138. Midlands Living CIC (employment event)
    139. HSBC (employee events including with ex-jockey Bob Champion)
    140. PPM Ltd
    141. Survivors West Yorkshire (TV and radio campaign)
    142. Endorsement Board
    143. Unilever
    144. East Midlands NHS Trust (employee events)
    145. Choir of the Earth (Male appreciation awards)
    146. The Partner Group
    147. Cloudflare (employee event)
    148. Cityfibre
    149. Sociology Podcast
    150. Newcastle University Business School
    151. Men’s Health Forum (Men’s MOT)
    152. Havi (employee presentation and sponsorship of Men and Boys Awards
    153. Matthew Scott Kent PCC (stand at Maidstone United FC)
    154. Maidstone United FC (see above)
    155. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
    156. Epsom College (Oddballs Presentation)
    157. Hull University (reading lists)
    158. University of West of England (conference)
    159. It’s On the Ball (7 A Day campaign)
    160. Vitality Magazine (men’s mental health article)
    161. University of West of England (7 a side tournament)
    162. We Are City (events)
    163. Manchester Airport (Suicide prevent event)
    164. Ripple suicide prevent (as above)
    165. Hillingdon Council (conference)
    166. Advertising Standards Authority (Rules on the portrayal of men in advertising)
    167. Diversity Project (Inclusion Survey)
    168. E2W and Men for Inclusion (see above)
    169. Women and the Wharf (see above)
    170. Greater Manchester Mental Health (conference)
    171. Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (\article on seafarers)
    172. Essex County FA (Footie dad of the year)
    173. Inclusive Employers (article on male inclusivity and IMD)
    174. Manchester University (staff focus group)
    175. Concrete Online (article)
    176. Teesside University (activities for male students)
    177. Rail Pro Group (conference)
    178. Railway Mission (see above)
    179. T-Cup (see above)
    180. STM Group (see above)
    181. C2c (see above)
    182. D/Gauge (see above)
    183. British Library (see above)
    184. Skills for Security (see above)
    185. Fylde Coast
    186. Ascot Lloyd (article)
    187. North Cumbria Integrated Care (Article)
    188. Serc (mental health awareness article)
    189. Churchill Square shopping centre (art installation)
    190. Men Walk Talk (see above)
    191. Heale’s Clinics (article)
    192. Swansea University (wellbeing event)
    193. Swansea University (discussion on testosterone)
    194. Bristol Law Society (webinar on mental health)
    195. Black Father’s (film festival)
    196. HR News (article)
    197. Zevo Health (article on mental health)
    198. Optician Online (fundraising walk)
    199. Thirstlaine Care Home (event)
    200. The Fragrance Shop (beard care)
    201. Essex Airport (fundraising)
    202. Olly’s List (suicide prevention talk)
    203. The Burnout Angel (mental health for men article)
    204. The Closer Speakers Consultancy (articles for experts)
    205. The Law Society Scotland (conference)
    206. Burness Paull LLP (see above)
    207. NatWest Group (see above)
    208. Suma Whole Foods
    209. National Decommissioning Authority
    210. Beechcroft Homes
    211. West London NHS
    212. Deputy Mayor West Yorkshire
    213. Hampshire/Isle of Wight Fire Authority
    214. St Oswalds
    215. West Bromwich Albion FC
    216. Loose Women
    217. Lea Group
    218. Avon and Somerset Voluntary Service
    219. Avon and Somerset Police 
    220. The Army
    221. Boyes Turner LLP
    222. Superdrug
    223. Newish Tech
    224. Volunteering UK
    225. Nicky Brennan
    226. EI Hygiene
    227. Distil Education and Technology 
    228. Paralegals
    229. Reading FC
    230. St Davids RNLI
    231. Docks Beers 
    232. Defence Medical Services 
    233. PM&M Accountants
    234. MOD Police
    235. Surrey Libraries
    236. Grand Lodge
    237. Home Group
    238. EW Tech Hub
    239. Exante Diet
    240. Savills
    241. Artic Bee Media
    242. TTC Wales
    243. Zeppelin Parts UK
    244. JD Sports
    245. Nuclear Police
    246. Tees Active
    247. Lincoln City FC
    248. Wendy Murphy MUFC
    249. Sajid Javid MP
    250. London Borough of Hounslow