A great way to be involved in International Men’s Day in the UK is to help charities and other organisations supporting men and boys’ wellbeing.

Many organisations and people approach the team about whether they can:

  • Who they can fundraise/donate to
  • (How to) Organise an event 
  • Guest speakers
  • Sponsor International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day in the UK as a whole cannot be sponsored – whilst the platform’s responsibility and brand is officially overseen/owned by the Men and Boys Coalition charity (which receives no funding to support International Men’s Day) – it is a community and global grassroots movement so it cannot be ‘owned’ by a corporate, brand or other organisation. 

The Men and Boys Coalition is looking for sponsors for its annual International Men Day (Men and Boys Wellbeing Awards) which fit perfectly with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policies of organisations and 2023 conference

However, we are also often asked what men and boys charities can people raise money for/ donate/promote or sponsor. Below is a list of suggested charities (please feel free to email details of any additional charities to

Boys and Young Mens’ Personal Development

Domestic Abuse/Violence



Health (including mental health) – also see section below




Sexual Abuse/Exploitation/Violence

Modern Slavery

Please feel free to email details of any additional charities to