Support Survivors Manchester in their sponsored Silence for Pounds campaign

Survivors Manchester (a survivor-led/survivor-run voluntary organisation) is running a sponsored silence on International Men’s Day in Greater Manchester.

This in order to highlight the silence boys and men feel as victims of sexual abuse and rape and in the process raise money to provide emotional support to male survivors.

They are looking for individuals, offices, whole organisations to take part in this event. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to be quiet for an hour, a morning or afternoon, or even a whole day, you being silent and raising funds will help the boys and men that are already silent speak out.

£10 will provide an hours worth of telephone support
£25 will provide a 1:1 emotional support session
£75 will pay for a peer support group session for up to 15 male survivors
£700 will pay for a course of psychotherapy for a boy or man affected by the impact of sexual abuse

Every penny really does count and by joining in, you are helping them to #breakthesilence

If you can help, please do so, they are a great charity and a great cause.

Survivors Manchester Silence