Thank You For Making International Men’s Day 2017 So Special

Just a quick shout to the ten of thousands of people who supported International Men’s Day across the UK and many more who supported International Men’s Day across the world! We had over 120 events across the whole country.

In the UK, #internationalmensday, has the the most popular # on Twitter in the UK over the past 24 hours (the most between 11-4 and ironically, until the football started) – we had some great media articles, great events and so many heartwarming stories about men and boys  – the issues they face, the encouragement to seek help and the joy they bring (the tweets from mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, partners, girlfriends and female friends were particularly moving).

Remember, there are still a large number of events taking place all across the UK over the next two weeks so be sure to keep checking out

Thank you from all of us at International Men’s Day in the UK to everyone who supported International Men’s Day today – your support for our men and boys is much appreciated.

Glen, Mark, Dan, Ben, Duncan, Martin and Ally


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