Write to your MP for International Men’s Day

One simple way that everyone in the UK can support International Men’s Day is to write to your MP and ask them to support the first International Men’s Day debate that will take place in parliament on Thursday 19th November 2015.

This is really easy to do if you use a website like Write To Them now and simply use the template email below.

If you do this we’d love to hear what replies you get and you forward them to us at: contact@ukmensday.org.uk



I am writing to you as I am one of your constituents.

As you may be aware Thursday 19th of November is International Men’s Day when there will be a debate on “Male Suicide and International Men’s Day” in Westminster Hall at 1.30 pm.

The call for this debate was supported by the British Psychological Society, the British Association of Social Workers, the Samaritans, Rethink Mental Illness, the male suicide prevention charity CALM UK and others.

As 13 men die by suicide everyday in the UK this is a matter of great concern to me.

Male suicide is often blamed on men not talking about their issues. As a voter, what I would like to see is more MPs (male and female) leading by example and talking about men’s issues in parliament and in the media. International Men’s Day provides you with perfect opportunity to lead by example and speak out on men’s issues.

The high male suicide rate is one such men’s issue.

Research tells us that there are multiple factors that make men of all backgrounds more vulnerable to suicide. They include exclusion from school, poor education, unemployment, low income, fatherlessness, relationship breakdown, separation from your kids, homelessness, imprisonment, substance abuse, being a victim of violence and abuse, mental health problems and lack of male-friendly services.

All of these issues are men’s issues.

As you will know the majority of politicians in the UK are men, but the majority of politicians don’t speak out about men’s issues despite some people claiming that “every day is International Men’s Day”.

Every day isn’t International Men’s Day, but 19th November is.

This year on International Men’s Day I’d like to invite you to make a difference for men and boys by making a public statement on the need to address men’s issues like the high male suicide rate, both locally and nationally.

Could you please write back to me and let me know what action you will be taking on 19th November this year to speak out men’s issues and male suicide and to show your support for International Men’s Day?

Best Regards