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  • Coming up to 50 events for 2017

    With two weeks to go now, a wide range of activities across the UK are being to be organised to mark International Men’s Day. You can see the full range on the updated Events Page. We know of many more that are coming together as we speak. There is something for everyone  from a Parliamentary debate to […]

  • Start planning your 2017 International Men’s Day events now!

    The clock is now ticking towards International Men’s Day in the UK on Sunday 19th November. For any ideas on what to do – please remember to look at the themes for inspiration or the fantastic events that have taken place across of the UK in previous years. Don’t feel ashamed in copying! We had over […]

  • 2017 theme announced: Celebrating Men and Boys in all their Diversity

      CELEBRATING MEN AND BOYS IN ALL THEIR DIVERSITY:  2017 INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY   Issued by The Global Team  Approximately  3.6 billion souls of the 7.5 billion souls who occupy this space and place we know as Planet Earth are males – Men and Boys  — Homeless Men and Boys, Incarcerated Men, Married Men, Divorced […]

  • Historic groundswell of support for International Men’s Day

      Historic groundswell of support for International Men’s Day — a national platform for making a difference to men and boys   “Not every day in International Men’s Day” meme card campaign launched tomorrow:   This year sees the greatest ever recognition of International Men’s Day in the UK, with 60 events, campaigns and […]

  • “Not every day is International Men’s Day” meme cards published

    If there’s one phrase International Men’s Day supporters can expect to hear every year, it is the retort: “But isn’t everyday International Men’s Day?” To mark International Men’s Day in the UK, the newly launched Men and Boys Coalition  produced a series of hard-hitting fact cards to share on social media that spell out both […]